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Maiden is a Boutique Property Agency who  inspire to innovate Real Estate. We create advertising campaigns that outshine and promote homes to buyers like no one else does, as we are the direct line between buyers and sellers. Our aim is to continually deliver outstanding service, communication, and results to all of our clients.


Rean is extremely dedicated to his local community, which has developed from his many life experiences. Growing up with parents who work closely with the special needs community, Rean has developed the dream to help as many people as possible. Before real estate, Rean was a high school teacher who specialised in Manual Arts and IT. With this, Rean has learnt how to deal with difficult and tricky situations in order to achieve an outcome that is best for all parties involved. Wanting to help the larger community, Rean stepped into Real Estate developing excellent marketing and negotiation skills. Rean is now a passionate real estate agent who is keen to help those transition to a brand new chapter of life. 

Meet Rean

Are you interested in your local area's real estate changes? If so, head over to Rean's podcast. It explores all things real estate. Here we interview those from local businesses to keep you up to date, and to explore the exciting new changes in our community.

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